I am a natural girl exploring the natural world. I want to embrace my girly curls and hopefully inspire others to do the same.
"No one asks you to change your skin, why kill the curl of your hair?" -Briere



The Loc_Kinx instagram is now sync’d to the Loc and Kinx tumblr. Feel free to follow Loc and Kinx on instgram; @Loc_Kinx.

04.Apr.13 1 year ago

Loc and Kinx Instagram


I am very excited and proud to announce that I launched Loc and Kinx instagram. Please go follow!

Please show support and follow this blog and instagram :)

19.Mar.13 1 year ago

Business Cards


I just purchased my business cards for Loc and Kinx. They should be in my possession by the end of the month. I will keep you all updated…YAY!

Loc and Kinx

14.Mar.13 1 year ago