I am a natural girl exploring the natural world. I want to embrace my girly curls and hopefully inspire others to do the same.
"No one asks you to change your skin, why kill the curl of your hair?" -Briere
Do you diffuse? How do you keep your curls? I have major shrinkage.

I do not diffuse. I air dry. I maintain my curls just by refreshing them in the morning with a little conditioner, oil, and water mix in a spray bottle.

30.Mar.14 3 weeks ago
12.Oct.13 6 months ago
12.Oct.13 6 months ago

Loc and Kinx: Product Review: Lustrasilk Curling Pudding



I recently saw this product being featured in a past Curlbox and I wanted to try it. I have tried this product several times on my natural hair and on my curly weave; I really enjoy this product. I use the product on wet hair, I apply a quarter size amount to one half of my head, distribute it…

12.Oct.13 6 months ago
i want curly hair like the girl in the pic but i don't know what are the steps i should take in getting that look??

First question that I have is do you use a relaxer on you hair?

21.Jun.13 10 months ago